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Blog Website

You want to start a blog website… But why? It will be the first question that you should ask yourself when you think of starting a blog website. You wish to communicate something, which can be a message or an idea?

Are you in a mood to build one community that is on the topic of your love for a cause? Is it the case that you are looking for a platform to keep your followers updated about your brand’s latest happenings?

Do you wish to share information about your product or service and why one should go for it? If that is true, then on a definite note, blogging will be the best way to reach out to the audience you are targeting.

Now we know why you want to start a blog website. Next, how to start a blog will be the question that will be coming to your mind. It is something that needs to be answered in detail to give a sneak peek on the topic. Many experts have shared their views and experience on the topic of how to start a blog. Here we share a few significant steps you need to follow before you start your first blog.

Blog Website

Choose the blog Website niche:

Selecting the right niche is the key criterion or the first stepping stone on starting a blog website. You should select the niche in which you are confident and holds good knowledge. First of all, you should love the topics on the selected niche to write. Otherwise, your blog will not be attractive to the readers.

So always select, the niche or genre about which you are passionate to write. Besides, you also need to understand the likes and dislikes of the audience to know the interest. Now it is necessary to name the blog.

Many options are available to you, but you should give an attractive name to your blog, which will be niche-centric and grab the attention of the audience you are targeting.

Best platform for blogging:

Next, you need to select the best blogging platforms. You will come across various options to create your blog, but one of the best and popular ones is software. This self-hosted platform is the best if you are serious enough to take up blogging as one of your career options or brand promotion.

Search for domain and web hosting:

Lots of companies are there to offer web-hosting for a blog website. Web hosting is the blog’s foundation, and hence while selecting a web hosting firm, you should be extremely careful. If you select the wrong company, then it will ruin your hope to become a successful blogger.

If you have a low budget and you want good premium hosting then according to me Bluehost can be the best option. Because I also use Bluehost’s hosting and domain. At this time a good discount offer is going on in Bluehost’s plan. In this, you are providing domain and SSL for free with hosting.
Apart from this, you can also take hosting of other companies.

Then it would help if you chose a domain name by which your blog will become popular in the world. Every domain has a unique web address on the internet. Now you may ask why to take a domain when we can have the blog for free.

When you go for buying, for example, chocolates online, you trust a known online portal or a local portal. Both are selling the same product. For sure, you will pick the known online portal. But why? It displays professionalism and establishes trustworthiness. When you use a domain name using any of the selected blog platforms, you establish a sense of trust in your readers or audience.

Designing a blog:

If you need to be a professional web designer to decorate your blog, you are wrong. Pre-defined themes are available on, and you can select any suitable theme, for your blog. It is a very simple way to make your blog appealing to the eyes of the viewers.

Different templates are also available, and you can select the best one, depending on the niche. The selection of themes should always be based on your favored color and scheme. But there is one thing that we need to point out in the case of a free template for a blog.

Many like you will be interested in blogging on the same niche, and many may also select the same template as you. It will restrict your blog to stand in the crowd. Here comes the need for a professional web designer who can design the blog for you.

Start writing your content and promote:

Once you are set, you can start writing and posting on the blog with the domain name and web hosting. You should know the ways which can turn a simple yet informative content interesting for the audiences. The contents should be informative and easy to read.

You should always share useful information so that readers can trust your blog for better reference. Contents need to be drafted in a unique way, giving you a feel that your blog is different from the rest. Readers want to prove that you should mention examples to prove that your blog will not mislead the audience while writing.

Start your income from blogging: 

Earning money is not a one-day affair. If you expect to earn from day one, then you are going on the wrong track. There is hardly any brand in this world which gained popularity from day one. Patience, hard work, and quality product with time gave them the position which is enjoying now.

The same rule applies here. Becoming a well-known blogger takes time, and slowly and steadily, your content will start getting followers. You need to connect the account with Google AdSense to monetize the blog. With time you will start earning money from blogging.

Different ways are there to transform your blog with good earning. You can run ads on your blog with the help of Google Adsense. Besides this, you can team up with various retailers to promote their products in your blog. These are some good sources of earning through blogging. 

There are various other things that one needs to take into consideration for starting a blog. It would help if you were regular with posting, and that will keep the readers connected. Blogging can be an excellent career choice if you can do it correctly.

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