Blogging|How to create a blog for free and make income

How to create ablog for free

Blogging is no doubt, one of the creative ways to earn a good income. Bogging is an art, and if you can master this art, then the dream to become a good blogger can easily be achieved. Though you need to be extremely patient while you start blogging, but once your blog gets good traffic, it can be a good source of making income for you. You can start your blog free and can earn from it. But in case you want to give a professional look to the blog, then you may need the support of a blog designer.

  • A good name for your blog: At first, you should choose an attractive name for your blog. Readers always notice the name of the blog. Hence it should be simple and catchy so that readers can connect them with your bog. The name should represent the topic on which you are creating your blog. It can be your name, or the name of the business, or a combination of both. Be very cautious at the time of selecting the blog name and give a check if there is any other blog with the same name or not. Special attention towards blog naming is a must for you and any other budding blogger. 
  • Topic: The next is to select the topic on which you are going to write. Whatever may be the topic, you should be passionate about the subject, and then only you can pen down a good blog which can be informative and interesting for the audience. Otherwise, you will not find interest to write the content, and it will not appeal to the audience.
  • Online hosting: Now, it is necessary to get the blog ready for online launch. Web hosting companies are there to do the task for you. In case you want a dedicated blog with a server, you need hosting company help. Here you need to select the Blogging platform and the plan for web hosting to make your blog online. Here it is suggested to use the WordPress Blogging platform as it allows free blogging if you want a free blog. There are good numbers of bloggers who all are using this platform across the globe. There are various other Blogging platforms that you can try. But if we ask to name one of the best, then we will take the name of WordPress. Other notable bogging platform includes Tumblr. Medium, Squarespace, and Blogspot. Choose any which you consider fit for your requirements. 
  • Choose the hosting plan: Now, it is necessary to choose the hosting plan. This point is applicable when you are choosing a paid blog. Most of the experts suggest the plan with a domain privacy policy. It will automatically protect the personal information of the blogger. So, your name, contact details, email, etc. will not be published in any place online.

Domain name: To host your blog online, it is necessary to fix a domain name. Here you need to create your account and select the domain. It is a very crucial point for blogs with the server. The world will start knowing your blog by this domain name. You can also select your domain name later once you set with other features of this site. How will the domain name look like? It will be something with .com, .in, org, or .co

Create Bluehost account: Opening a Bluehost account is to maintain the privacy of personal information like name, contact details, contact address, emails, etc.

Write content and blog promotion:

Once you are ready with your blog site, you need to start writing content. Besides writing, this blog should be promoted properly. If no one visits your blog, then all your effort goes in vain. Lots of options like submitting blogs to search engines or various bookmark sites are available for blog promotion. You can also opt for guest blogging to share your content with huge numbers of readers.

  • Monetizing your blog: Before you monetizing your blog, you should keep it in mind that you should create useful and informative content so that your site gets huge traffic. Once your blog gets popular and good traffic, you can start running ads on your blog. This you can do with the help of Google Adsens. You can also opt for affiliate marketing to promote the products of retailers through your blog site. Even you can sell your products and services through your blog.

You will be surprised to know the fact that there are countless bloggers globally, and only a negligible percentage among them are successful. The only reason behind the same is that they know the art of blogging. Anyone can open a blog these days as it is not that difficult. But making it successful needs some quality. Do you have any idea about the required qualities of a successful blogger? If not, then we are going to share with you a few qualities which you need to check if you have in you or not.

  • A good blogger needs to have excellent communication skills and especially writing skills. Do you have that? If not, then you need to think before starting a blog.
  • Are you disciplined? Discipline is a must to become a good blogger. In addition to publishing your post in the blog, you need to comment on other people’s blogs, and then only then will visit your blog and comment. If you don’t do that, you will lose a valuable audience for your blog.
  • Are you a good learner? If yes, then blogging is definitely for you. Read other’s blogs and analyze how they present a post. The more you learn, the more you will gather knowledge and implement the same in your blog. 
  • Are you creative? Creativity is a must to have quality in a blogger. The more creative you are, the more will be the uniqueness of your style of writing. People look for creative blogs, and if you have this feature, then you are ready to rock.
  • Learning from mistakes is one of the key qualities of a blogger. We all make mistakes, and the one who can learn from it and improves him/her can come out as a winner. 

So, all the above the needed qualities of a good blogger. Are you ready to rock the bogging world? Start blogging now.