Earning thousands, millions from YouTube, but how? Many people online often search how to make money from YouTube. Today, we are keeping some things related to this in this artIcle. The same question arises in the minds of everyone who starts new YouTube channel. How to earn Money from YouTube views. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, but only a few videos are viral.

After reading this post, people will get the idea that How to earn Money from YouTube views. In today’s Internet world, there are many ways to earn money from the Internet, out of which earning money from YouTube is very popular. YouTube is a very good way of earning money online, on which people can believe a lot.


What is YouTube?

YouTube is a huge video sharing platform. Through YouTube, people upload different types of videos and share them with people. YouTube is a free platform for which no money has to be paid. YouTube is Google’s service which people use through many platforms.

How YouTube works

YouTube is the world’s number two search engine in terms of search engine. Where millions of people search from every corner of the world. In order to bring your video up in the search engine, we use Keyword in tags, titles and descriptions.

A very good feature in YouTube is to promote auto videos. If you watch a video, a lot of videos related to it are recommended. Name your YouTube channel unique and short which makes it easy for people to remember.

How to create a YouTube channel

Earning money from YouTube is very easy if you upload good content videos, then the same traffic will come. To make money from YouTube, it also depends on video, the more people will like the better the video will be.

Creating video content after creating YouTube channel. Video content greatly contributes to traffic and subscribers. If videos are good then views and subscribers will increase. After the video is ready, the next step is uploading it to YouTube.

After uploading the video, share it as much as possible on social media and other platforms.. Social media platform is very good for this, which helps to reach people very quickly. Be sure to subscribe to the channel at the beginning of the video creation or at the end, which leads to a chance to increase the subscriber.

According to YouTube’s policy, there should be 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours views of watch time over the perior 12 months period. After all this is complete, there is definitely a question in everyone’s mind, How to earn Money from YouTube views.

How to start earning money from YouTube

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Product Review
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Sponsorship

Google AdSense

YouTubere’s biggest earning comes from Google Adsense only. If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you have to monetize with Google Adsense.

Enable monetization by going to YouTube channel settings. After this, after creating a Gmail account, go to Google and create a Google Adsense account. After the monetization, ADS on the video will start. The more people will watch your video, the more you will go after your earning opportunity.

All the money you earn from YouTube will come to your Google AdSense account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

Affiliate Marketing

With the help of affiliate marketing, you can earn a considerable amount. To make money from affiliate marketing, you have to give a link to the product of the company selling online goods in the YouTube description box, And when someone clicks on that link, if they make a purchase, you also get some percentage commission on it.

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When your YouTube channel becomes popular, then there is a chance of sponsoring sponsorship. The more popular your channel is, the more you will get sponsorship. Good sponsorship requires more subscribers.

We told you all the ways to make money through YouTube, through which you people can earn more and more money. If there is any suggestion on this subject, then write in the comment box which we can improve even more.

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