How to get a website rank on Google’s first page?| Page ranking


To drive more organic traffic for your business, depending on Google, will be a powerful and beneficial decision for you. Google has immense power and influence to rank high, and the same is applicable even for a small business. Every business owner wants their business to be on the first page. If you want that, then you must understand why the Google first page is so important and how your website can be on Google’s first-page ranking. 

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website rank on Google’s first page

Importance of Google first page

 With the existence of knowledge panels, answer boxes, etc. the Google search result has become stronger. Hence, once your site gets on the first page ranking of Google, it means your site has attracted large numbers of traffic. Hence, you will get more opportunities to interact with large numbers of customers. 

What do you mean by website ranking?

 The term rank in the dictionary of SEO refers to the position of the website in the pages of search engine results. Do you know that there are several ranking factors which influence the rank of a website? Yes, it’s true, and these factors will decide how will the site appears higher on the SERP. Will it depend on the content pertinence to the search term, or it will be the quality of the backlinks that will be pointing to the page? The decision will be taken by the SEO expert. Accordingly, steps will be taken to improve the rank of the website.

 Tips to be on the first page ranking of the Google Search Engine

 In recent days, getting on the first page of Google is feasible, and hence small business owners also find it beneficial for their business. Certain tips are to follow so that customers can search your website on the first page on Google. 

 • Right keyword: Here, you need to determine search keywords so that customers can easily find your website. These can be single or phrases. You should be careful that every page of your website should possess different sets of a keyword so that no page should conflict with each other. 

 • Proper placing of keywords: Google maintains an index of millions of pages. Google scans the index by using those keywords while customers search with these keywords. Hence, it is necessary to place the keyword in the right place so that Google can scan your site fast. Keywords you must use.

 1. Meta title

 2. Metal description

 3. All tags

 4. URL

 • Avoid keyword stuffing: Industry specific-keywords one needs to place intelligently in the body of the content, and these keywords should help to rank your website higher. Excess Keyword stuffing needs to be avoided, as Google can detect that. Google can identify your content with keyword stuffing, and it will keep your site far from the first page. 

 • Informative: The body content of your website should be informative. Contents need to be reliable, useful so that your website will get more traffic, and the audience will come back to your site for more. 

 • Highlight Location: Location-based queries are also a great way to find your site on the first page of Google. Here you should ensure that your site will indicate your city or the geographical area. It helps potential customers to find your site easily. 

 • Mobile-friendly site: Today, in this fast-paced era, most consumers use smartphones or laptops to search for a website rather than using computers and laptops. Therefore, your website must be mobile-friendly. So you can opt for a responsive website or, you can make the necessary adjustments to the websites so that one can search your site on mobile easily. 

Apart from those mentioned above, Google also checks whether the website is with spontaneous navigation or not. Google will rank the website higher if it answers the queries of visitors without delay. 

No magic can bring a website to the top pages of the search engine. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is art with technical specifications. One needs to be technically sound in SEO to improve website rank. SEO is a critical aspect of website analytics. Seeking the assistance of the SEO experts will help to make your website visible on the top pages of google search engine. 

SEO experts make a complete analysis of the industry-specific keywords and decide the set of keywords best suitable for your website. If you discuss with professional SEO people of the industry and ask for the google hacks to improve, do you know what will they say?

They will recommend the following to you.

  1. Improve the website’s user experience. Experts will recommend improving website visits, pages per session, time on site, and bounce rate.
  2. Write quality content optimized for SEO. Publishing high-quality content on the website is ideal to increase traffic as well as to improve the search rank.
  3. Acquire more backlinks. Backlinks—links, coming from other sites is one of the critically weighted factors for Google ranking. Incoming links coming to the website content from high-authority domains will improve your website authority, attract traffic, and improve the rank on the search ranking.
  4. Improving page speed. Google started considering the speed of the mobile page for ranking, and so SEO experts always suggest to improve the speed of your website page.
  5. Fixing of broken links. With quality links for your website, you can boost your traffic and establish the authority of your site. When links show a 404 error, it is bad for the user experience and also affects the search rank.

Apart from the above points, SEO experts also recommend taking care of image optimization, application of HI and H2 tags, optimization of local and voice search. It’s the dream of all website owners to see their page visibility on the top page of the search engine. Website rank is very important, and that will bring actual prosperity for your business. If you wish to get the best guidance on how to improve your Website rank, then get in touch with one of the leading SEO specialists or firms. Treat your website like your baby, and success will not be difficult for you.