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Merchant Navy

Job opportunity in Merchant Navy

Friends, in today’s fast-moving life, everyone wants to live the best life. But some people are able to live that favorite lifestyle, while some people try to fulfill their dreams. In this post, we are going to tell about such jobs, about which you must have known or heard very little. In this post, we are going to tell about the job life of the Merchant Navy and almost all the information related to it.

Everyone’s dream is to earn a lot of money in their life and travel the world. How will it feel if I say that you will get all these things in one job? A chance to earn money and travel the world. Merchant Navy is such a job in which you get a chance to earn a lot of money and also to travel the world together. There are jobs related to merchant navy shipping, for more information related to this, the entire blog must be read.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy
Merchant Navy comes under the private sector. This includes Cargo ships, Passenger ships, Oil tankers, Offshore ships. This job also gives money and a chance to live a good lifestyle. Good catering and experience of international dishes experience. In this job, you get a chance to travel the world along with money.

Required qualification for Merchant Navy

To get a job in Merchant Navy, it is mandatory to have at least a 10th pass. Rank-wise qualification is required. After doing Intermediate (10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) can be applied. As we have mentioned some topics below.
1. BSC Nautical Science
2. B.E or B.Tech Marine Engineering
3. B.E or B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
4. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
5. B.SC Marine Catering
6. Electro-Technical Officer Course
7. G.P Rating
8. Deck Cadet course
9. Basic STCW course
10. Safety Officer course
11. Hotel Management
These are some courses after which you can apply for CDC, COC, COP, and other documents.
Rank in Merchant Navy
A crew is needed for any ship to run. It is divided into 3 categories: Deck, Engine, and Catering. All three are given duty according to the rank given below.

Merchant Navy Job


1. Master
2. Chief Officer
3. 2nd Officer
4. 3rd Officer
5. 4th Officer
6. Bosun
7. AB
8. OS


1. Chief Engineer
2. 2nd Engineer
3. 3rd Engineer
4. 4th Engineer
5. ETO
6. Oiler
7. Trainee Oiler


1. Chief Steward
2. Steward
3. Chief Cook
4. Cook
5. Asst. Cook
6. Trainee Cook
7. Mess boy
8. Room Boy
9. Laundryman

Now when it comes to salary, salary depends on rank and company. Still a basic salary 400 USD -15000 USD Monthly. You can email for information related to the Merchant navy. For more information related to how to search for jobs for freshers, you must visit other blogs.