PayPal how to create an account? In today’s time, most people are doing transactions online. Online money-saving and debit work has become very easy. In this post, I am going to tell you about creating a PayPal account. Papal is a very good platform for Online money transfer and online shopping. So far, 346 million accounts have been created on Paypal and people are transacting through it. Today I am going to tell you stepwise “Paypal how to create account” in this post.

You can create a Paypal account in a short period of time. I am going to tell you in a very easy way so that you can understand.

This post is going to be very beneficial for those who want to create a PayPal account. If you are doing a freelancing job then you will be taking payment in dollars. These payments can be easily transferred by creating a PayPal account.

Its special thing is that you can open an account in PayPal for free. Type in browser to create PayPal account

Click on Sign Up and another box will open.

It has the facility to open two types of accounts.

  1. Individual account:

2. Business account

In individual account you get little work facility. In a business account, you receive payment receive, sellers, freelancers and business facilities from PayPal.

Paypal Set Profile


Add email id and create password

In this way, you can make a Paypal account. You can make a Paypal account very easily and start a transaction. I hope that this post will help you a lot in creating a Paypal account. I always keep posting about making money online, you can read that post. If you have some suggestions, then you can write them in the comment box and I will try it better. For more information, you can connect with our YouTube channel and follow on Instagram.

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