how to make Paytm for business? Nowadays Paytm wallet is quite popular in India. Millions of people are doing transactions using Paytm. Although there are many apps for online transactions and online service, Paytm is very popular in India. With the help of Paytm, people do transactions such as billing, mobile recharge, gas cylinder fees, water bill from mobile right through an app.

Train tickets and flight tickets are also booked through Paytm app. Using Paytm, people easily transfer money from one account (Paytm for business) to another (Paytm for business). More than 100 million people have downloaded the Paytm app from the Play Store so far.

If you are also thinking to create a Paytm account then definitely read the entire post. Because we are going to tell you step wise how to make Paytm for business. You can enjoy the wallet facility of Paytm by creating an account in Paytm. By saving the passage in the wallet, you can keep it online through Paytm app and use it at the required time.

We will tell you in full details in this tutorial post how to create paytm account which will make you easy to make ID.

How to make Paytm account: Paytm for business

To create a Paytm account, first you have to download Paytm app in mobile. Go to Google play store and download Paytm first.

  1. After downloading the Paytm app, install the app and open it.
Download Paytm App from Google Play store
Download Paytm App from Google Play store

2. To register your mobile no. Insert it into the box.

Install the App after download
Install the App after download

3. Whatever you are register no. Must be active in the same mobile. OTP will come in the mobile, the app will access it automatically, if it does not, then OTP can also be inserted manually.

Enter Mobile no. in Paytm App
Enter Mobile no.
Enter OTP

4. After being registered, activate the account and complete the KYC wallet. To complete which, you will have to enter one of the documents in the passport, voter ID, driving license or NREGA job card.

Activate Account
Activate Account

5. Connect the account to the registered bank account for money transactions

Connect the account to the Bank account
Connect the account to the Bank account

In this way, by creating a Paytm account is completed, now you can start booking all online wallets, mobile recharge, bills, train tickets and flight tickets.

In this post, you learned How to create a Paytm acount. I hope this process has helped you in creating a Paytm account as well. If you need to Make Money Online related information online, you can read my other post. Thank you for visiting our website.

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