The best SEO tools for standard website optimization testing 2021

SEO Tools

Check SEO standard website or website optimization test are all important jobs that webmasters need to do regularly and consistently. Whether you are in need of a new SEO standard website design or need to optimize an existing website, using specialized SEO standard website testing tools to evaluate and test website seo will be more efficient and quicker. a lot of.

Here are the Top 10 SEO standard website testing tools best rated by experts in 2021. These tools help administrators to promptly realize what are the problems that are affecting quality. Like website rankings, what are the factors that need to be re-optimized to achieve better SEO standards.

SEO Tools
SEO Tools

1. SEO standard website testing criteria: seo site checkup

As mentioned in the article What is a standard SEO website? How to check SEO website, we all know that whether you are a novice in SEO techniques or new to SEO, it is possible to check what a standard SEO website is based on criteria. after:

– Website allows index (indexing): This is a factor for search engines to find content on your website and put the site on a waiting list to rank.

– Friendly Urls : SEO optimized URLs often contain keywords or represent the main content of the article. Google prioritizes short, easy-to-understand urls that limit special characters / numbers. This is one of the factors that helps search engines read and understand your website’s content.

– Support customizing Title (Title) and Description (Description) tags: Similar to the url, before reading the entire content on the website, Google will prioritize the selection of webpages with title & description. Covering the most important content of the whole article, having suitable length, attracting and especially containing keywords.

– The density of keywords on the page: The frequency of occurrence of the primary keyword phrase on the page can not be too much, it will affect the user experience on the website and prone Google flagged for spam if not optimal fit .

– The image attributes: Filename, alt image is one of the benchmarks onpage SEO of the website should be optimized.

– Can install Heading tags (H1, H2, H3)

– Sitemap (sitemap)

– Secure HTTPS

– New friendly mobile devices

– Allows to improve Core Web Vitals metrics and on-page experience: Page load speed, performance score, CLS index, …

– Link (Internal link, backlink)

– Integrating Web Analytics

Above are some basic SEO standard website testing criteria and Google will mainly rely on these criteria to evaluate and score SEO for the website. The higher your SEO score, the easier it is to rank your website to top.

2. Top 10 most effective SEO standard website testing tools in 2021

Below is a summary of SEO standard website optimization testing tools that are most trusted by experts today. Let’s take a look at some of the basic and effective features that these tools bring in testing and optimizing website SEO through the information below.

2.1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a simple tool to help users easily check whether a website or article has been optimized for SEO or not? The tool shows which on-page SEO factors have been optimized, and what should be improved.

It can be said that SEOquake is a “national” SEO check tool that most SEOs can easily use to check the optimal SEO for their website.

  • How to install SEOquake on a web browser

For Chrome browser, you choose according to the following instructions: Click on Chrome Extensions or Store> Enter keyword “SEOquake”> Add to Chrome> Turn on and use the tool .

For FireFox browser, select: Go to Tool on FireFox> Enter keyword “SEOquake for FireFox”> Add to FireFox> Reset browser and use the tool.

  • The main features of SEOquake 

– Section Diagnosis: General report on onpage elements of a website in the form of detailed columns with warning icons:

Blue check mark icon: Displays SEO standard elements

Red exclamation mark icon: Displays errors that need to be fixed.

Gray speaker icon: Suggest factors to re-optimize for better SEO score

– Internal and External Section: Report the link links contained in the article with the respective anchor text and track whether it is Dofollow or Nofollow links.

2.2. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO standard website testing tool that SEOs love because of the great features it offers.

This tool allows users to install and operate easily on a variety of computers from PCs, laptops …

Screaming Frog can crawl and analyze about 500 URLs per crawl. You just need to enter the domain website you need to check for SEO in the empty bar at the top right corner of the admin interface page, wait a few minutes for the tool to load the page and return detailed website analysis results.

Screaming Frog website SEO optimization software and tools support users to use it for free with most of the features, but there will be a limit on the number of url audit in each check. To check more urls on the website, you can pay $ 99 / year for the best use.

2.3. Website Auditor

Quite similar to Screaming Frog , Website Auditor is a software and tool for analyzing and optimizing in-depth SEO on the website.

Website Auditor integrates 3 in one feature: Inspection – Technical SEO Guide – Report. All you need to do is download this seo standard website test tool, run the desired web analytics program and fix problems reported on Website Auditor to optimize your website more effectively.

  • Key features of Website Auditor SEO check tool:

– Allows users to perform web crawl analysis such as Google, Bing or Yahoo ..

– Check SEO and quickly reveal any issues on your website that could affect search engine indexing, ranking and user experience such as: broken links and images, internal content Duplicate content, poor mobile usability, site speed, redirect chains, internal linking issues, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, etc.

– Easily generate XML sitemaps or robots.txt files with just one click of a button without worrying about complicated file syntax

Evaluate the SEO status of any website and any keyword, based on top ranking competitors’ websites and your own on-page statistics.

– Site structure visualization

Optimize standard SEO content on the page

2.4. SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor is one of the most popular and widely used SEO standard website optimization testing tools in the world. It is considered a fairly easy-to-use tool for the SEO beginner.

SEO Doctor has the ability to analyze and report what factors are causing the website to lose rankings and reduce traffic. From there, it helps SEOers find ways to improve, fix and re-optimize their website.

  • How to install SEO Doctor on a web browser

This is a free SEO checker tool and you can install it by:

Go to Browser Tool> Type the keyword “SEO Doctor”> Add on FireFox> Install> Turn on the tool in the browser bar and use

  • The basic features of SEO Doctor tool

– Analysis and statistics on potential website errors

– Evaluate website score based on standard SEO criteria

– Help SEOers track the status of their website: The amount of backlinks on the page, the Page Rank index, discovering the page has not been indexed, showing the link structure, …

Simple to use by the administrator based on pre-set criteria

– Privacy and security policy, do not disclose your information data to third parties

2.5. is known as one of the websites that help check SEO standard website effectively for newbies who do not have much experience in SEO.

Through, the vulnerabilities on the website are found correctly, from which you can quickly make adjustments to better optimize the website.

  • How to use the tool

Users follow these steps: Go to> Enter URL and keywords in the box> CHECK

2.6. is also the next most popular Google SEO website testing tool. This tool helps on-page SEO webmasters easier and more effective with effective web SEO optimization suggestions.

How to use the tool: Visit the website> Enter the website url to check> Select ANALYSE> Get SEO standard website audit results

2.7. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is an SEO checker tool that helps to evaluate and analyze SEO factors programmatically to help users monitor web rankings. Besides, this tool can analyze links, research keywords and many other useful functions.

2.8.Google Page Speed

Besides the list of on-page optimization testing tools listed above, Google PageSpeed ​​is known as a specialized assessment tool for Website Experience factors.

Optimizing the Google PageSpeed ​​quality score means increasing the experience points on the website and optimizing the Core Web Vitals index.

These are considered two important issues that will become the new ranking factors of Google in the coming 2021.

2.9. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Can not help but mention a very familiar name with webmasters when doing SEO website check today: Google Search Console.

This may not be the best SEO website benchmarking tool, but it certainly will be the best for Google. Because Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google itself.

When using Google Webmaster Tool, we are not only provided with the necessary parameters but also are informed of all problems and errors that occur on our website, to easily understand why the website is being counted. low scores and rankings are still “parched” on the Google search results table.

  • Main features of Google Search Console

– Report on natural search results of a website: Keyword Rank / Impressions / Clicks, Click-through rate (CTR)

– Check url status: Already indexed? Already have a sitemap or not? Is there a featured snippet?

– Register Sitemap XML to Google

– Check the website for viruses and malware

– Report Essentials of the website on PC and mobile devices