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In today’s time everyone is connected to the internet. Social media platforms are becoming active very fast. And many people spend their free time with social media. Everyone has started using smart phones, due to which the opportunity to earn money online has increased. Many people are earning millions and crores of internet. Domain and range calculator.

For example, Amazon and Flipkart are its biggest brands. Many people are earning a lot from Affiliate and Blog website. If you also want to earn by creating a website, then today we are going to tell about this.

Free domain name and Free SSL

Where to buy domain for free If you have thought that to buy a good premium domain then we are going to tell you about this. If you have thought that to buy a domain for free, then at this time Hostinger has brought a very good plan. If you buy any plan of Hostinger, then you are offering a top domain with hosting plan for free.

Along with the domain, an SSL is also being given for free. I am giving attention to Hostinger because I am also using Hostinger myself. And the speed is very good. If you are getting premium plan of Hostinger then even better offer is available in it.

Domain range

If you want good hosting in low budget then you can go with Hostinger from my side. In 2021, Hostinger has been chosen by most people because of its excellent service and response. If you need help like anyone, then you can take help of Hostinger Help feature. The response comes within 24 hours.

By the way, there are many other hosting providers from where you can buy hosting and domain. If you want to go with WordPress platform then it is quite easy to configure. Even with WordPress it is quite easy for Hostinger to do it. If you want to know how to create a website on WordPress, then we will definitely tell you about it. After which it can be very easy for you to create a website.

What is needed to create a website

If you ask to create a website, then it is very important to take care of some things. It is very important to know what things will be needed to make a good website. First of all you have to choose the niche which type of website you want to create.

After selecting the category, you will need to create a website which I have mentioned below.

1. Hosting
2. Domain
3. Operating Platform (WordPress)
4. Theme (with WordPress)
5. Plugin (with WordPress )

Free web hosting

If you are from Blogger to spend. Where everything can be used for free. You can also use Blogger’s custom domains.

Domain and range calculator

It is very important to know about what is a domain and domain range. The domain is also the address of the website. Through which a website is identified. By clicking on the URL address of the website, you can go to the main page of the website. Before taking a domain, it is important to know about the domain, how many types of domains are there.

Domain type

Talking about the domain, there are many domains, but if you want to get SEO friendly and good domain, then buy only the top level domain. What is a top level domain? Here are some of the top extensions given under top level TLD domains. how to find domain?

How to find domain and range?

  1. .COM
  2. .NET
  3. .ORG

What is a country top level domain?

  • .US (For United State of America)
  • .IN (For India)
  • .UK (For United Kingdom)
  • .RU (For Russia)

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