7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

With more than 500 million active users, Instagram has emerged as the primary engine for online activity. Instagram is a fantastic tool for marketers and business owners to build their online presence. We have all the ideas you need to use Instagram videos for business if you are stuck and need inspiration.

Seven strategies for using Instagram videos for business are listed below.

Seven ways to use Instagram video for business

  • Create short Instagram stories 

Research and Instagram data indicate that every day, more than 250 million active users use Instagram stories. The 24-hour lifetime is vanishing, and Instagram stories give people a sense of urgency. Use these business-related Instagram story ideas.

  • Share limited time deals 

By utilizing Instagram stories’ time-sensitive format, you may capitalize on people’s passion for sales. Create a limited-time offer and decide which post to highlight it in. Add this to your story now to keep your audience interested. Make sure the offer is timed to be redeemable only during the story’s duration. This is a very clever way to keep readers returning to your tales in the hopes of snagging one of these deals.

  • Integrate behind the scene videos 

Now that you have piqued the interest of your audience with discounts, promo codes, and exclusive offers, it’s time to come up with some original ideas for keeping them interested. By revealing to your audience what goes on behind the scenes, you can highlight the character and brand culture of your business. Send brief glimpses into the workings of the office or take a virtual tour of the production line. To keep your viewers informed, you can also make the most of occasions like holiday parties or business travels.

Make sure to showcase your engaging corporate culture so that customers can see the human aspect of your organization. Moreover, you can conduct staff interviews, have them respond to frequently asked questions, or have them give a product or service demo. Allow your staff to be goofy or stupid without hesitation as long as the material is genuine and unique.

  • Display your products in action

You can give your audience an idea of what your products might look like or some of its standout qualities by seeing them in use. The essence of Instagram stories lies in sincere, real-time communication.

  • Get an influencer to do an Instagram takeover

Nowadays, the majority of Instagram companies are contacting influencers to promote their goods and services. Collaborate with a relevant influencer in your brand’s niche to present your material to their audience.

  • Post customer testimonials 

There will inevitably be customers who are pleased with your service if you have been in business for a while. Speak with your past and current clients and ask them to go on video to discuss their interactions with your business. They might serve as testimonials to the positive effects your business has had on them. Using testimonials to promote your goods or services is a wise move. Provide information to your audience regarding your offerings and the benefits they may expect from them. Make sure you feature and curate videos of happy consumers on your IGTV channel or Instagram story.

  • Instagram live interviews 

An innovative method of amusing and interacting with your audience is through Instagram Live. It gives your clients a way to contact you with any questions they may have. If your business, for example, sells cosmetics, you can think about inviting a makeup artist or beauty model who has a sizable following on Instagram Live. By facilitating Instagram live talks, you can establish yourself as a recognized expert in your field with relevant experience. Create questions and subjects that people would be eager to talk about and respond to in real time. The live chat tool allows your viewers to ask questions and receive answers.

  • Post free tutorials 

By offering a free instructional film to your audience, you may instruct them on how to use your items. Making instructional films will make you appear far more knowledgeable and accomplished in your industry. Post how-to videos on a regular basis to help people get started, identify and get what they need, and make the most of their interactions with your brand. You can use tutorials that highlight your goods or services to raise comprehensive awareness. A webinar can also be hosted via Instagram Live.

  • Make boomerangs 

Boomerangs are brief, action-packed videos that are ideal for conveying your point succinctly. They are created by repeatedly playing fast-paced pictures backward and forward. Using boomerangs, you can create visually striking videos out of everyday occurrences. Instead of merely sharing the same old pictures and videos on your feed and story, this method is unique and offers your viewers something fresh. You may already be aware that boomerangs are a simple yet powerful strategy for increasing user engagement if you operate a business or work in marketing. Boomerangs can assist you in making a vibrant, captivating, and distinctive social media persona.

  • Create IGTV videos 

IGTV is a fairly new Instagram feature that allows users to post long-form vertical videos. IGTV videos can be one hour long, unlike typical Instagram videos that are only limited to a minute. Creators become the channels with IGTV videos. You and your business can be a creator and upload IGTV videos as a part of your channel. It is similar to YouTube marketing and you can use this feature to get branded content for your fans and followers. You can use online video editors for this part. InVideo has emerged as one of the best Instagram video editor with its easy to create content tools.

  • Make entertaining videos 

The last tactic we recommend in this post is to make entertaining videos for your fans. Imagine yourself in the position of your customer or viewer, and consider what content you would find interesting. Make an investment in online video editors, animation, or anything else you can discover to produce engaging material that draws viewers in and keeps them interested. Also, if you want to connect with younger people, be sure you keep up with the latest trends. Although it’s not a must for your video to go viral, following trends will help you get noticed. Make sure to highlight the culture and authenticity of your brand.

In summary, Instagram offers a plethora of options for creating videos, and as a business owner, you should be aware of how to utilize them. Create videos using the strategies mentioned above to improve your online visibility on Instagram. To learn more about your audience and how they are interacting with your content, keep an eye on your engagement metrics and app analytics.

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