7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

Instagram has emerged as the leading hub of internet activity with over 500 million active users. For entrepreneurs and marketers, Instagram is a great platform for developing their online business presence. If you are stuck and need inspiration on how to use Instagram video for business, we have got you covered.

Below we mention seven ways to use Instagram video for business.

Seven ways to use Instagram video for business

  • Create short Instagram stories 

According to research and Instagram statistics, approximately 250+ million active users use Instagram stories every day. With the disappearing 24-hour lifespan, Instagram stories create a sense of urgency. Use these Instagram story ideas for business.

  • Share limited time deals 

You can tap into people’s love for deals by making use of Instagram stories’ time-sensitive nature. Come up with a limited-time offer and choose a post that will feature that offer. Now include this in your story to keep your viewers excited. Time the offer to make sure that it can be redeemed only within the lifespan of the story. This is a very smart strategy to make people come back to your stories in hopes of catching one of these offers.

  • Integrate behind the scene videos 

Now that you have caught the attention of your viewers with special offers, deals, and coupons, it is time to think of other creative ways to engage them. You can showcase your company’s personality and brand culture by showing them what happens behind the scenes. Share snippets of life in the office or a virtual tour of the manufacturing process. You can also capitalize on events like holiday parties or business trips to keep your viewers updated.

Make sure that you display your appealing company culture to give people a peek into the human side of your business. You can also interview your own employees or ask them to answer FAQs or demonstrate a product or a service. Don’t hesitate in letting your employees act goofy or silly; make sure that the content is original and authentic.

  • Display your products in action

By showing your products in action, you give your viewers a feel of what the product may look like or its notable features. Instagram stories are all about genuine, in-the-moment interactions.

  • Get an influencer to do an Instagram takeover

Most businesses on Instagram are now reaching out to influencers to market their products or services. Partner with an influencer relevant to your brand’s niche and introduce your content to their audience.

  • Post customer testimonials 

If you have been running your business for quite some time, you are bound to have people who are happy with your service. Reach out to your old and existing customers and get them on camera to share their experiences with your brand and company. They can be testimonies of how your company made a difference to them. Testimonials are a smart way to market your product or service. Give your audience answers about your service and what your products can do for them. Curate clips of satisfied customers on your Instagram story or on IGTV videos and make sure that you highlight them.

  • Instagram live interviews 

Instagram Live is a creative way of entertaining and engaging with your audience. It provides a space for your customers to reach out to you if they have any questions. For instance, if your company sells beauty products, you should consider inviting a beauty model or a makeup artist with a good number of followers on your Instagram live. You can emerge as a thought leader in your industry with relevant experience by hosting Instagram live discussions. Come up with topics and questions that people might be excited to discuss and address in real-time. Your viewers can also use the live chat feature to get questions answered.

  • Post free tutorials 

You can educate your viewers on how to use your products by providing them with a free tutorial video. By creating educational videos, you will look much more experienced and professional in your field. Post regular tutorial videos for getting started, finding and getting what they need, and ensuring that they have a good experience with your brand. You can create in-depth awareness by using tutorials that feature the products or services that you offer. You can also use Instagram live to host a webinar.

  • Make boomerangs 

Boomerangs are action-focused short videos and perfect for getting your message across in a short and sweet manner. They are made by playing rapid-fire photos backward and forward on a loop. Boomerangs let you turn simple moments into creative, eye-catching videos. It is a different approach and gives your audience something new rather than just posting standard photos and videos on your feed and story. As a business owner or a marketer, you might know that Boomerangs are an easy but effective tool for driving engagement. Boomerangs will help you create a social profile that is colorful, interesting, and unique.

  • Create IGTV videos 

IGTV is a fairly new Instagram feature that allows users to post long-form vertical videos. IGTV videos can be one hour long, unlike typical Instagram videos that are only limited to a minute. Creators become the channels with IGTV videos. You and your business can be a creator and upload IGTV videos as a part of your channel. It is similar to YouTube marketing and you can use this feature to get branded content for your fans and followers. You can use online video editors for this part. InVideo has emerged as one of the best Instagram video editor with its easy to create content tools.

  • Make entertaining videos 

The final strategy we suggest in this article is to create videos that entertain your followers. Put yourself in the shoes of your viewer or customer and ask yourself what you would want to watch. Invest in animation, online video makers, or whatever you can find to create truly interesting content that catches your viewer’s eye and leaves them wanting more. Also, make sure that you stay on top of current trends if you want to reach out to younger audiences. Your video doesn’t necessarily need to go viral, but jumping on trends can make sure that you are noticed. Make sure that you showcase your brand’s authenticity and culture.

To conclude, Instagram provides its users with many video-making tools and as a business owner, you should know how to take advantage of it. Use the above tactics to create videos that increase your online presence on Instagram. Keep checking your engagement data and statistics on the app to understand your viewers and how they are viewing your content.

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