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How to increase YouTube views by yourself – Nowadays everyone is making their own YouTube channel and earning millions. But some people are still worried about their YouTube channel, the biggest reason for which is the lack of views and subscribers on their videos. They just take hours of hard work, upload videos, and appeal to their friends & relatives to watch, share, like and comment on their videos.

So if you are also thinking something similar that you will get subscribers in video views and channels by just sharing videos among friends and relatives, then you are still cooking the only casserole. If you really want to bring views to your videos and increase subscribers on the channel, then you will have to learn video optimization (Youtube SEO).

Today’s my article is on this subject, in which I am going to tell you the 5 easiest basic steps, with the help of which you will be able to boost your Youtube video and channel. So let’s know these ways to increase Youtube views that no one is going to tell you!

how to increase YouTube views by yourself- Practical tips and ideas (Tried and tested methods) 1

The keyword is Main keyword & Supportive keywords – how to increase YouTube views by yourself 1

If you really want to increase the views and subscribers of your YouTube videos, then you must first understand the keyword. Let me explain with an example. Think you want to make a video on ‘how to design a website in WordPress’. Your video is ready and now you are going to upload it on YouTube.

Here ‘how to design a website in WordPress’ is called the main keyword. Now you have to use this main keyword in the title, description, and tags of the video while uploading the video.

Along with the main keyword, you also have to remove some helpful keywords. Supportive keywords mean keywords related to the main keyword which the user can search on YouTube. Like here, there can be helpful keywords of ‘how to design a website in WordPress’:

  1. Design a WordPress site
  2. Design website in WordPress

Use the Keyword in your video title and write the title in an eye-catching way – how to increase Youtube views by yourself 2

Here you have to use the main keyword ‘how to design a website in WordPress’ in the title of your video and write the title in such a way that everyone must read the title and click in your video like-

  1. how to design a website in WordPress
  2. how to design a website using WordPress
  3. how to design a WordPress site
  4. how to design in WordPress
  5. how to WordPress website design

Even now, if someone searches ‘how to design a website in WordPress’ on YouTube, the chances of appearing at the top of your video will increase because you have written the main keyword in the title. And if your title remains eye-catching, then your video will also get the click.

Use helpful keywords with main keywords in the video description and write the description in 300 words – how to increase Youtube views by yourself 3

While uploading the video, along with the title, we also get the option to write the video description. Here we often leave anything in 50 words. But if you really want to increase views and subscribers in your video, then you have to use your main keyword ‘how to design a website in WordPress’ at least (minimum) 4 times in this video description part.

You have to write your video description in 300 words using your main keyword. Here you can write a description of your video in two to three paragraphs in 300 words. The larger the description you write, the more chances you will get that it will rank at the top of YouTube.

Write main keywords as well as helpful keywords in video tags – how to increase Youtube views by yourself 4

Following the video title and description is the most important video tags. Whenever you upload your video on YouTube, you also get the option of tags. In this, you have to write your main keyword and helpful keywords. You have to write at least 4 to 5 supportive keywords related to your video here. This will increase the chances of your video being ranked on YouTube.

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Clickbait video thumbnail vs. Clickable video thumbnail – how to increase Youtube views by yourself 5

This strategy forces the user to click on your video! In this strategy, some attractive words are used in the thumbnail of the video. But you have to understand the difference between Clickbait video thumbnail & Clickable video thumbnail or else it can damage the branding of your channel.

While uploading videos to YouTube, we also get the option to choose a thumbnail which remains the featured image of our video. We have to make it clickable to get maximum clicks here. But never make it clickbait!

Clickbait means exaggerating. For example, if you have a video on yoga exercise in Hindi, then clickable and clickbait will be something like this-

The meaning of Clickbait – See here, clickbait has been exaggerated. Diabetes will be cured by yoga, but it will take at least two to three months of continuous-time. You do not have to create such a clickbait thumbnail. Nowadays people are collecting millions of views on their YouTube videos with this kind of strategy.

This instant will increase views on your video, but it is fatal for branding your channel. In such a situation, people will come to your video, but due to false promises, they will go without watching the entire video. Due to these false promises, you will not get subscribers and gradually the growth of your channel will decrease.

So stay away from clickbait and adopt a clickable strategy which is really possible! You can use some eye-catching words in Clickable but do not use false or impossible words!

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